Xachoh (Za-Ko) is the producer of a range of flavoursome super-premium alcohol-free spirits, artfully distilled using purposeful Silk Road botanicals.

Our Story

We started in May 2019 to fulfil our mission of: 'Enhance health and enrich lifestyles'. We produce truly zero proof spirits which are distilled, vegan and free from alcohol, sugar, sweeteners, calories, carbohydrates, gluten, extracts and flavourings.

Xachoh pronounced (Za-Ko) is imbued with a rich and compelling heritage in herbal remedies dating back centuries to ancient Persia, an era of great learning and discovery. It was here that scholars such as Avicenna conceived the foundations of the modern distillation process and Zakariya Razi discovered alcohol though he did not drink! It’s also the birthplace of the founder’s family, where six generations have handed down the secrets, skills and knowledge to create purposeful, pure and naturally alcohol-free spirits infused with premium, exotic herbs and spices of the legendary Silk Road.

Fast forward from ancient Persia to the UK and the birthplace of Xachoh, created for the truly adventurous spirit of today. Authentically distilled using only premium purposeful herbs and spices to our traditional recipes, our spirits have been artfully re-imagined and re-presented by leading taste specialists for an exciting and contemporary drinking experience.

Xachoh offers the genuine feel-good factor. An exciting alternative ritual, a new, pure sensory ‘lift’ and a truly enlightening moment.

Our Values

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Small Producer

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