Wild Fig

Wild Fig

Uplifting your breakfast, cheeseboard and desserts with multi-award winning preserves.

Our Story

We are Nicola and renowned Scottish chef, Justin Maule. Wild Fig was established in 2011 bringing our creative skills together, founding a business that delivers a bespoke, high quality catering service. In 2015 we moved into new markets, bringing Justin’s experience and skills to a range of preserves - handmade, artisanal with a key focus on getting a beautiful balance of flavours from the kitchen to the table.

From the ingredients we use, such as the wonderfully unique Glengoyne cask strength whisky, produced in a distillery that coaxes spirit through the slowest whisky stills in Scotland to the time and experience that they invest in every jar. Each product is expertly produced in small batches and contains only simple natural ingredients – offering a sophisticated edge to your morning toast, cheeseboard or your favourite dessert.

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