The Coffee Collaborative

The Coffee Collaborative

The Coffee Collaborative is on a mission to bring artisan coffee to everyone.

Our Story

A veteran coffee- master, an inspirational young TV chef, an award winning designer and a humble hero all walked into a café. The creative spark that comes from craft coffee, ignited in them an unstoppable vision to form a collaborative, making artisan coffee available to everyone; helping to support the arts; and inspiring the world with creativity, one frothy cup at a time.

Great coffee is simple and yet oh so beautiful, it isn’t complicated. There is no dark art and mystery. The key ingredients are:Superb green bean qualities - sourced with flair, professionalism and consistent quality standardsTime earned skill, master blending and roastingAnd a philosophy of 'sharing the love' - which for The Coffee Collaborative means open, honest and fair pricing for our customers

We are a Scaled Craft Coffee Company. All the good bits of the ‘latte art’ artisans and of the 'branded monsters' combined and focused on simply delivering superb, Great Taste Producer standard coffee at a sensible price. We use our unrivalled expertise and network to source and supply sublime caffeine confection, you relax safe in the knowledge that if you want your beans in a big bag or small, a coffee bag or naturally Swiss Water decaffeinated then that’s not a problem.

And by the way, our Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee uses a natural process to remove the caffeine, no harsh chemicals.
The majority of our products are packed in recyclable packaging too!

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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