The Soho Juice Co.

The Soho Juice Co.

At The Soho Juice Co., we make a range of award winning alternative soft drink and spirit mixers.

Our Story

We believe in big flavours kept low in sugar and calories combined with eye-catching branding inspired by our home in London's famous cultural quarter.

The Soho Juice Co. was founded in 2016 by Johnny Barnes. Working at the time amongst the bars and restaurants of the area an idea began to form. There really should be a genuine alternative to the traditional fizzy, sugary mixers and tonics so routinely served and accepted. The belief was set and The Soho Juice Co. was born. Our aim; to create an alternative range of original, non carbonated drinks kept low in sugar and calories. We'd combine creative flavour combinations with bold branding inspired by our location in the heart of London's famous cultural quarter.

Our first flavour would see 16 different varieties of cucumber sourced and tested to create the uniquely refreshing aroma and taste of our Cucumber, Mint, Lemon & Lime. The drink that started it all. The hard work would be rewarded in 2019 with the bestowing of a prestigious Great Taste star on our much loved opener.

Following up would see us source the perfect ginger extract from a renowned German flavour house for our second flavour and year round favourite, Blood Orange, Raspberry & Ginger; before following up with the offbeat and sensationally popular Apple, Honey & Lemon, extracts from the honeybush plant ensuring our smooth flavour and keeping our range certified vegan!

An original, refreshing still drink for every occasion.

Our Values

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    Independent Company

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