Shandy Shack

Shandy Shack

The original craft beer shandy.

Our Story

We’re a bunch of proud shandy drinkers who believe that moderation shouldn’t be a choice between all or nothing.

We’re brewing original craft beer shandies with more taste but less booze to let you cut loose while cutting down.

Shandy Shack are the creators of the original craft beer shandy. By pairing high-quality, flavour-packed beers with a variety of natural sodas, we’re putting a new spin on an old classic for those that love drinking, but hate hangovers. All of our drinks are lower-alcohol (under 1.0 units per 330ml), vegan and gluten-free.

Back in the summer of 2018, we were a fun-loving trio on the wrong side of our twenties, who loved boozing, but could no longer hack the hangover. We were already fans of some of the non-alcoholic beers out there, but didn’t always want to have to choose between all or nothing. So we started searching for other drinks that could help us cut down on units: shandy seemed to be on the tip of the tongue, but we weren't convinced this parent-pleasing tradition would suit us. We decided to give it a second chance anyway…

It was love at first sip. The options were endless, and we spent months mixing and drinking shandies, combining popular craft beers with splashes of different premium sodas. Not only were we reducing the alcohol content of our favourite drink for everyday enjoyment, but we were making craft beer even more refreshing. Even some of the most challenging ales we’d struggled to enjoy before became really tasty.

After a few swings and misses, we eventually managed to brew up our very own shandies and started to bottle, can and keg them. Against the advice of our friends and family, we quit our jobs, built a bar (the original Shandy Shack) and set about bringing shandy back.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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