Seaspoon Seaweed

Seaspoon Seaweed

Incorporating the extraordinary benefits of eating seaweed into an easy-to-use blend.

Our Story

We, Tim and Kate, launched Seaspoon in 2018 because we were aware of the extraordinary health benefits of eating seaweed but didn't feel that there were any easy, or particularly tasty, ways to do so.

We secured a licence to harvest seaweed by hand from a stretch of the South Devon coast and proceeded to develop our magic mix of dried seaweed flakes (sea spaghetti, dulse and sea lettuce). Using this as a base, we began developing other flavours that make it plain sailing to incorporate seaweed into your food every day.

We strive to help everyone with a refreshingly simple means of incorporating seaweed, a valuable nutritional building block, into a healthy lifestyle. Our blends have won numerous awards for their great flavour, and we were crowned Best Newcomer at the Taste of the West Awards. We are SALSA certified and have a crown licence to harvest seaweed by hand from a stretch of the South Devon coast. Healthy, tasty, easy is our mantra, and we hope you enjoy knowing that every bite can be boosted with extra vitamins and minerals.

Our seaweed blends are perfect for health-conscious cooks and food lovers. Our Seaweed blends have also been used by well-known names, including Melissa Hemsley and Dr Rupy Aujla (Doctor's Kitchen).

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Small Producer

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