RoniB's Kitchen

RoniB's Kitchen

Award-winning small producer of award-winning Philippine flavoured sauces, chilli products and preserves made from our family recipes. All-natural, honest ingredients bursting with flavour that enhance any dish, any cuisine. Great Taste Producer.

Our Story

RoniB’s Kitchen was started by Roni Bandong back in 2017 in her kitchen in Surrey as a ‘hobby’, which in 2019 became a more ‘serious’ business endeavour. Moving to the United Kingdom in 2002, Roni soon discovered that Philippine cuisine is an unknown cuisine and very much overshadowed by its Southeast Asian neighbours. This became the core mission of Roni, to make Filipino food be known and loved. We produce cooking sauces, chilli products and preserves which celebrates the bold and complex flavours of the Philippines. These are made in small batches and they are vegan and artificial free. We currently hold 4 Great Taste Awards; 1-star Great Taste Award 2019 for our Black Bean Chilli Oil; 2-star Great Taste Award 2020 for our Kalamansi Marmalade; 1-star Great Taste Award 2021 for our Garlic Chilli Oil; and 3-star Great Taste Award 2022 for our Black Bean Chilli Paste When we started the company our unofficial motto was ‘to get Britain eating adobo’.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Small Producer

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