Presto Coffee

Presto Coffee

From the farm to your door we impress coffee lovers with the freshest artisan blends right to your cup.

Our Story

I’m Jamie the founder of Presto and this is my good friend, Derek. And when it comes to coffee, we’ve done it all.

We’ve supported start-ups and manned cafés, wiped counters, corked Grindmasters and stoked Bunns. We’ve traipsed the jungles in El Salvador and sifted Guatemalan soil through our fingers. We’ve harvested, washed and roasted and tasted again and again and again our number 1 bean. We’ve lifted the veil, peered behind and have seen what’s missing. So in 2017, we did something about it.

The Presto method
Presto is a project of passion. Our failures have kept us humble and our successes have assured our vision. We wash, dry and roast our beans ourselves, and promise to deliver them the next day from order.

We’re sticking it to the enterprises who sell bitter, stale coffee and value profit margins over a fair pay and highest quality of life for the farmers and workers who make this all possible.
And of course, we welcome and encourage your honest feedback. It’s how we continue to innovate and provide only the greatest grinds.

Since day one, coffee’s been our passion. But the passion that makes a good cup of coffee runs deeper. It is the magic made when the coffee is premium quality, sustainably and ethically sourced. And that’s exactly what we channel into every Presto package.

We know coffee and want you to know it too.

Our Values

  • Biodynamic Producer

  • Supports a Developing Country or Community

    Supports Dev Country

  • Support for Small Producers

    Support for Small Producers

  • Small Producer

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