Pentire Drinks

Pentire Drinks

Pentire is a delicious non-alcoholic spirit, vegan and 100% plant based, made by distilling unique plants native to the Cornish coastline and can be used as an alternative to many alcoholic spirits, and used in widely recognised cocktails and drinks. Pentire Adrift features botanicals such as rock samphire, sage, citrus and Cornish sea salt - capturing the aromas and flavours of the coast.

Pentire is a celebration of unique plant life that grows on the surrounding headland, due to a combination of favourable climate, soil PH and air moisture.

Our Story

Through research and experimentation with local botanists, distillers and brewers we have created non-alcoholic spirits that capture the botanical range and the flavours they deliver through careful distillation.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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    Contribution to Charity

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