Long Shot Drinks

Long Shot Drinks

Long Shot Drinks are a no-nonsense blend of fruit juice, alcohol and sparkling water.

Our Story

We got bored of doing the whole corporate 9-5 thing, so we created Long Shot - a simple, lighter way to drink. We made a commitment to only use the freshest and most natural ingredients - so we're very proud to be the only UK hard seltzer to exclusively use real fruit juices to flavour our drinks. The result means our drinks pour a distinct and recognisable colour - not transparent like our competitors.

Inspired by a trip to the US in 2019, we noticed consumer tastes shifting away from the same old drinks options, and the over-the-top and often confusing craft alternatives. So we're very excited to be championing the new hard seltzer alternative, and knowing that when it comes to drinking - sometimes less is more.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Small Producer

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