Impulse Tempeh

Impulse Tempeh

Impulse are the pioneers of tempeh in the UK and have been making it in the heart of Somerset for nearly 30 years.

Our Story

Impulse Foods started 30 years ago when our founder Linda first came across a versatile Indonesian staple food called tempeh. Fuelled by a desire for a diet consisting of more than just brown rice and lentils (there wasn’t much else back then for a veggie) and the conviction that what the world (or the UK at least) needed was tempeh Linda began what became a labour of love.

Tempeh is a delicious traditional fermented food originally from Indonesia packed with powerful plant protein that is great for the gut and a fabulous source of vitamins (particularly riboflavin), calcium, zinc and dietary fibre. Tempeh is a fermented food made from soybeans, originally from Indonesia. Packed with plant protein, it’s a great source of vitamins and dietary fibre. It is made with a living culture (rhizopus oligosporus) that breaks down the soybeans making it easier for us to digest them and to benefit from all the nutrients like calcium and zinc normally locked away inside.

It is incredibly versatile and can be cubed, sliced, crumbled, grilled, fried, steamed, boiled or baked and has a delicious nutty, savoury flavour. We are the only commercial manufacturer in the UK using the traditional double fermentation process that uses the whole bean and we think that means our tempeh has the best flavour and texture.

All our tempeh is 100% organic, 100% vegan, 100% gluten free and made from 100% GM free soybeans. All our products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians but can be enjoyed by anyone who just likes good food!

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • All Organic Products

    All Organic Products

  • Contribution to Charity

    Contribution to Charity

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

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