Happy Eating House

Happy Eating House

Happy Eating House specialises in making Chinese cooking sauces and condiments made with 100% natural ingredients. Great for stir fries, marinades and dipping.

Our Story

My name's Danni and I am the founder of Happy Eating House. I started my business because I was frustrated that many of the Chinese sauces I use in my cooking contain added flavourings, artificial preservatives or MSG, with no suitable alternative. So after some experimentation and testing I developed a line of Chinese cooking sauces that are made with 100% natural ingredients. These are produced in small batches and are handmade in south east London.

My current range is great to cook with, use in stir frys, marinades or can even just be added as a topping to your meal. All of the sauces we make are suitable for vegans and are also gluten free, so great for those on special diets.

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