Funky Fat Foods

Funky Fat Foods

At Funky Fat Foods we're young and hungry and on a mission to create the best delicious and nutritious high-fat snacks to help you achieve your health goals without compromising on anything.

Our Story

Behind the functional chocolate Since my teenage years, I’ve been fascinated by nutrition and fitness and how much they could impact my body. As I grew, I was surrounded by a nutritional “information overload” about different concepts of what was ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’, so I decided to focus on listening to my body. I focused on clean, functional foods that helped me feel unstoppable. It was then that I came across the high-fat low-carb diet. Over the years I traveled a lot around the world and realized there was no sweet snack that resonated with me and my sweet tooth. Common sweet snacks made me feel bloated and tired from all the sugar, fillers, and artificial ingredients. So I decided to create my own — the first low-carb organic functional chocolate with MCTs. A delicious and nutritious chocolate bar you can enjoy without compromising your health or taste buds and helps you feel unstoppable. Today we’re celebrating being present in all of the EU, the UK, and now in the USA! - Louisa Mesquita Bakker

Our Values

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    All Organic Products

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