Forman & Field

Forman & Field

Forman & Field is part of the Forman family of companies spearheaded by H. Forman & Son, the world-renowned smoked salmon business that dates back to 1905.

Our Story

Our London Cure Smoked Salmon has been made the same way since 1905. The finest salmon, rock salt, a little oak smoke. Oh, and a lot of love. There's nothing quite like it.

If you’re looking for a mouth-watering smoked salmon delivered straight to your door, look no further. At Forman & Field, we only use the freshest, most luxurious ingredients, and our smoked salmon is no exception.

Unlike some suppliers, we cater to all tastes, from lean, dry salmon to fatty, oily options. We offer pre-sliced packs that are ready to eat or unique, pre-made dishes like our pate. No matter the appetite, we have something for everyone. Whether you like to serve it with scrambled eggs, cream cheese or even some crackers, we have the best smoked fish ready for you.

In a nutshell: Quality, freshness, and a team that cares. We make entertaining at home easy. Less stress, more fun.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Support for Small Producers

    Support for Small Producers

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Small Producer

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