Fighter Shots

Fighter Shots

Natural superfood energy shots in environmentally-friendly glass bottles.

Our Story

Fighter Shots fights for an all-natural and versatile energy shot alternative that boosts your energy in a healthy and sustainable way. These super healthy shots are meant to boost immunity, improve health and are an excellent alternative to coffee.

After founder Anna Szymanowska was working on a project during a winter in Switzerland she was continuously feeling under the weather, and drinking hot tea was not helping. One day she realised that her Swiss colleagues were all storing boxes of ginger shots in their desks, and they swore that this is what kept them healthy and energetic. Soon these shots became part of Anna's daily routine as well.

She couldn’t stop thinking about what a miracle they were, and that they should become more popular back at home in the UK!

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Small Producer

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