Devils Bridge Rum

Devils Bridge Rum

Devil's Bridge is a deliciously rich, complex, spiced rum, infused with the ingredient at the heart of this Welsh legend, Bara brith.

Our Story

Devil’s Bridge Rum is inspired by the lady’s cunning plan to trick the devil, with Bara Brith sweet bread the leading flavour. Matured in ex-bourbon barrels in the Caribbean and shipped to our Welsh distillery to be steeped in a unique combination of botanicals and spices.

The Legend
High in the Cambrian mountains near Aberystwyth, the Devil was exploring Wales for the first time when he found a woman, separated from her cow by a river… He offered a bridge, in return for the first soul to cross it. When the woman returned, the devil’s dance of victory quickly turned to shrieks of horror as she sang brightly, tossed a loaf of Bara Brith bread over and watched her faithful dog go fetch… The Devil, now disgruntled, disappeared and was said never to be seen again in Wales…

Devil’s Bridge Rum is inspired by this legendary tale of Welsh spirit, with an unexpected dryness in the finish.

Our Values

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