Cut Classics

Cut Classics

Cut Classics are classic spirits, evolved for 21st Century lifestyles. Half the alcohol and calories. All of the character, flavour and fun.

Our Story

The idea for Cut Classics was born during lockdown. Faced with the stresses of the pandemic on family and work life we (Atlanta and Anthony O’Connor) were keen to try new drinks that would balance relaxation with the need to start each day without a fuzzy head. We tried getting excited about non-alcoholic spirits, but they weren't for us.

After lots of late-night debates, we had an epiphany. What was needed wasn’t abstinence - it was our favourite drinks in a form that kept their character and taste, and which would allow us to enjoy long evenings of fun and still wake up feeling great the next day!

Working with a leading master distiller and master rum blender we set about remastering traditional London dry gin, grain vodka and dark rum spirits to deliver everything we love about them, with half the usual alcohol – and the bonus of halving the calorific hit too!

The result is Cut Classics – the world’s first range of light spirits. Classic spirits in a softer, smoother and more rounded style. Able to be enjoyed without hesitation!

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

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