Contour Chocolate

Contour Chocolate

Based in London, we handcraft a range of smooth, thin chocolate discs using heirloom Nicaraguan cocoa beans and flavoured with carefully selected natural ingredients.

Our Story

Founder James Nichols:
I trained as a professional chef for 3 years before working as a chocolatier in London, inspired by the bean to bar movement I decided to start my chocolate business, focusing on flavour, texture and the eating experience.

I started with years of cocoa bean research, sampling and roasting in search of a flavour profile that had a rich chocolate flavour that would pair well with other flavours, but still had enough character to be enjoyed on its own.

For my flavoured range, I wanted to use ingredients in their most natural form, meaning no essential oils or flavourings whilst maintaining the same melt in the mouth texture of chocolate, which meant refining ingredients such as in house roasted nuts, coffee, freeze-dried fruit and spices into the chocolate during production.

I wanted the product to be great as a gift and create an experience to remember. I opted for a format that was thin to help the chocolate melt easily, shareable and visually inviting. Deciding on chocolate discs debossed with contour lines and packaged in a pull out draw box revealing 20 discs, adding theatre and interaction before tasting begins.

Our Values

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Small Producer

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