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A healthy outside, starts on the inside. Coconutshed was lovingly designed and created, not only to taste delicious and indulgent, but because the creator, Abi, transformed her diet and lost 8 stone in weight and is now extremely passionate about how nutrition can work wonders for your body.

To be enjoyed pre or post workout, as a mid morning energy booster or for your little ones who love something sweet but you want to give them something healthy and nourishing. Buy as a gift, or to share with your friends and family.

Our Story

In 2013, by changing lifestyle, diet and exercise, Abi lost just under 8 stone in weight. Abi did this slowly and in the correct way, not going on any diet, or taking supplements, she just looked at her lifestyle - she realised she over ate, and ate too much of the wrong foods. She wasn't sufficiently active, so with the help and motivation of a Personal Trainer, who encouraged her and guided her through exercise and weight lifting to support the weight loss. This achievement ignited a passion and drive in Abi to want to help others achieve what she had, as she believes anyone can achieve these sort of results. She now wants to share her experience and knowledge, and be the encouragement people sometimes lack. Sadly in 2015, Abi became extremely unwell and now battles a life long chronic illness.

Because of her illness she had to stop many of the things she loved, including Personal Training and working full time. Not being one for resting and not wanting to wallow in her illness, Abi started cooking as a therapy. She began experimenting with food, creating recipes and taking, them to her family and friends, especially the staff at her gym. A lot of people asked her advice on nutrition and weight loss, with the one thing they all struggled with the most being sweet cravings. They craved something sweet like chocolate and found healthy alternatives bland - meaning they still reached for the unhealthy options.

This is something Abi thought a lot about. She wanted to help people in any way possible, whether that be with their own weight loss journey, with nutritional information or helping with health, illness and allergies. Abi had gained valuable nutritional information from her weight loss as well as through studying and this was supported by her pharmaceutical knowledge from work. The staff at her gym shared the food she made as they really believed in it and people started asking for more information. So with everyone's encouragement Abi turned her therapy into a new way of helping others and Coconutshed was born. Coconutshed produces healthy, but very indulgent, nutritious treats. All products are free from wheat, gluten, dairy and refined sugars.

Buy as a treat for yourself, as a gift or to share with your friends and family

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