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Lost Years is a rum brand with a purpose – a range of exceptional Caribbean and Latin American rums devoted to saving endangered sea turtles. Every bottle of Lost Years rum you buy saves up to ten baby sea turtles by supporting community-based conservation efforts at key nesting sites across the Caribbean and Latin America.

Our Story

Lost Years Rum was launched by husband and wife team Lee and Trudy Smith in November 2020.

The idea was hatched on a family holiday in Jamaica, the Caribbean island famed not only for its fine rum, but also for its sea turtles. The pair can’t take all the credit though – the inspiration in fact came from their young son, Billy, who has adored sea life and particularly sea turtles for as long as he can remember.

When he learned about the threat that these ancient creatures now face, Billy wanted to do something to help.

How sad that these majestic creatures, which have been around for more than 100 million years, could soon be extinct as a result of global warming, plastic pollution, commercial fishing and human exploitation.

Lee was enjoying a glass of rum later that night when it struck him – what if the family could bring incredible rum over from the Caribbean and Latin America and at the same time support one of the region’s most celebrated and endangered creatures?

It took over a year to make the Lost Years dream a reality – sourcing incredible rums from some of the world’s most revered distilleries and partnering with non-profit SEE Turtles to ensure every penny raised makes a difference.

Now it’s down to you!

Buying a bottle of Lost Years won’t just get you some of the best unadulterated rum in the world, it’ll save up to ten hatchlings – ensuring they get to disappear beneath the waves and begin their own ‘lost years’ journey into the future.

Our Values

  • Supports a Developing Country or Community

    Supports Dev Country

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

  • Support for Small Producers

    Support for Small Producers

  • Contribution to Charity

    Contribution to Charity

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

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