A distilled non-alcoholic, tropical infusion of zesty botanicals, inspired by South America.

Our Story

When on a dance night out with friends a few years ago, Ellie realised that not drinking, and the options that came with it, sometimes meant losing that sense of joy, colour, energy and connections we make with other people. She launched Caleño, a tropical non-alcoholic, free spirit, to bring the ingredients, colours, music and energy of Latin America to "not drinking".

Caleño's 'Juniper & Inca Berry' is a tropical infusion of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals, steam-distilled in stainless steel drums. Beating at its heart is the golden South American Inca berry; sweet, yet tangy, with pineapple, mango and citrus fruit flavours.

Simply serve with tonic and garnish with an Inca Berry.

Our Values

  • Small Producer

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