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AEONS is a Greek family business, dealing exclusively with the production of premium olive products. The ΑEONS team offers consumers not just an excellent product, but a higher experience because 'excellence lies in the details'.

Our Story

AEONS is an old and traditional Greek family story, with a long experience (from the mid-1870s) in the production of olive products. Our keys to success are: the huge diversity of knowledge we hold, tastings, backgrounds and ages amongst the team.

Our olive Philosophy is simple:

  • We work hard.
  • We love our land.
  • We treat our customers like family.
  • We produce high quality, great-tasting, olive products from some of the finest hand-picked olives.
  • We put AEONS olive oil into designed bottles to protect it from light and preserve its top quality, and is then stored in a cool place.

    The value of quality, creativity, responsibility and passion we have shared over all these years, has made it possible for us to offer premium quality olive products. Environmental responsibility is fully integrated into every aspect of our products. We combine traditional methods of production with modern techniques in order to respect the sustainability of the ecosystem. We use only the best olive oil, with specific organoleptic characteristics, to create AEONS premium olive products.

    Our Values

    • Small Producer

    • Family-run Business

      Family-run Business

    • Small Business

      Small Business

    • Recycled Packaging

      Recycled Packaging

    • Recyclable Packaging

      Recyclable Packaging

    • No Artificial Ingredients

      No Artificial Ingredients

    • Contribution to Charity

      Contribution to Charity

    • Support for Small Producers

      Support for Small Producers

    • All Organic Products

      All Organic Products

    • Handmade Products

      Handmade Products

    • Slow Food Supporter

      Slow Food Supporter

    • Independent Company

      Independent Company

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