At Water for Health Ltd we understand that good nutrition and hydration are vitally important if we are to enjoy high levels of wellbeing. We supply quality ranges of food products, health supplements and innovative water filtration products, backed by a caring, quality service.

Our Story

Water for Health Ltd is a family run business bringing innovative quality products to consumers in Europe. We understand that good hydration and quality nutrition can have an enormous beneficial impact on wellbeing.

Water for Health product range includes, innovative water filtration products, superfood blends, vegetarian and fish oils, together with a range of nutritional supplements. In particular Water for Health are distributors for Omega Nutrition, a Canadian processor of quality organic oils and Vibrant Health of the US, formulators of some of the leading green food blends.

The prime focus of Water for Health's product range has been on optimising body pH balance, which is essential if good health is going to be enjoyed. In addition to quality products, Water for Health support their customers with a responsive, caring service.

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