The Dukkah Company

The Dukkah Company

Dukkah ("doo-ka") is a traditional North African dip made from seeds, nuts and spices. Our dukkah dips are hand blended in Cornwall, delicious and ready to serve with bread & oil. Simply serve dukkah with fresh bread (a warm ciabatta is perfect); dunk into olive oil and then into the dukkah. It's perfect with evening drinks, as a simple starter or a nutritious snack.

Our Story

Jane Sanderson, founder of The Dukkah Company, first came across dukkah many years ago when travelling through North Africa. In amongst the mesmerising smells and bustle of the Moroccan street markets, she came across dukkah served as a dip with flat breads & oil, and she was hooked. So simple and yet so tasty. Little did she know at the time just how much impact her “year out” would have this far along she path.

Based in Cornwall, The Dukkah Company hand-blend all of their dukkahs in small batches to ensure great quality, freshness and taste.

Using 100% natural ingredients, just nuts, seeds & spices, the blends are all gluten free and suitable for vegetarian & vegan diets.

As an ingredient, dukkah is very versatile. Used as a seasoning it adds a touch of magic to salads & soups, a crunchy topping for cauli cheese and a tasty coating for fish & meats. Serve it straight from the tub or to release even more of the aromatic flavours, dukkah can be gently toasted in a dry pan before serving.

Dip it, Season it, Coat it or Bake you dukkah?!

Our Values

  • Small Producer

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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