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Quibbles crafts a delicious range of nibbles, containing nuts that are baked, not fried, using clean ingredients for a healthier, tastier treat, without the hidden nasties.

Our Story

Sitting in a small London kitchen, my brother, David, and I, Rhona, were figuring out what makes the PERFECT nut! We started with a few different nuts, a pinch of herbs, a splash of spice, and a little roasting oven. And so… the Quibbles journey began…

We were baking nuts and quibbling (as always) over our nutty preferences. One thing we did agree on was our desire to create premium quality, healthier nibbles, packed with flavour but without the hidden nasties. We knew the nuts had to be baked, not fried. The flavours had to be natural. The seasonings needed to stay on the nuts and not at the bottom of the bag. And our hands must NEVER have neon orange finger tips!

We KNEW we could offer an alternative to uninspiring flavours on nuts which were fried and full of additives (ewwww!!). Together with David’s knowledge of production techniques and my curiosity to experiment with lots of flavours, we knew we could make something different and much more exciting! It was our 'calling'! In our search for nibbling perfection, Quibbles was born!

We created light, tasty, and crunchy snacks entirely free from artificial colours and preservatives. The Quibbles nibble is baked using traditional methods with a modern twist. We are proud to make our delicious Quibbles nibbles on British soil. Our tantalising treats are developed and packed by our Quibbles team in London. At Quibbles, we’re fussy about nibbles!

Our Values

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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