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PureBodhi moringa is naturally grown in lush tropical plantations in the mountains of inner Borneo without any pesticides. Each leaf contained in our PureBodhi range is selected and handpicked with care by our farmers to preserve its high nutritional value.

Our Story

Federica Ceresa, founder of PureBodhi Moringa, spent her early career working for a leading pharmaceutical company and traveling the world in her corporate job. She has always been curious about diet supplementation, natural medicines and health remedies. Her natural nosiness took her to random Chinese herb markets, Peruvian herbal shops, Moroccan spice bazaars, and Balinese farms. She was first introduced to Moringa whilst travelling on a plane, striking up a random conversation with a fellow passenger who was raving about its beneficial energy release effects and its blood pressure and cholesterol lowering properties.

Fast forward a year and Federica was travelling around Asia researching Moringa, visiting plantations, chatting to farmers about harvest and different grades of productions, analysing leaves and leaf powders, developing the purest and most natural Moringa based products that could bring its amazing benefits to consumers, protecting its high nutritional content. PureBodhi Moringa was born, and it's now a family company.

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