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ODC Drinks

ODC Drinks

All natural, exotic, vegan fruit cider. It is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, and has no artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners. Embrace the goodness!

Our Story

I don't live by the rules that were made for me, Handed down through generations from A to Z, That I must finish school and get a degree, Get married, get a mortgage and kids by 23.

I wanna spit bars in bars not drive rubbish cars, Fly close to the moon and see all the stars, Visit pyramids and temples, India and Taj Mahal, Or see Stormzy in Brixton, or Giggs, or Bruno Mars.

I don't live by the rules that were made for me, I want to live my life, nothing to stop me, Relax by the sea, sip ODC, I don't need to have stuff to feel happy.

Let's be free, be open, live young, lark about, Hold your head high and puff your chest out, Strive for success, drive fast, go for the knockout, Cos you and me were born to stand out.

[written by William Shakespeare - or a bunch of monkeys with a typewriter in a room]

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