Matchæologist is a luxury artisanal matcha brand that focuses on premium-quality matcha and contemporary matcha-ware products.

Our Story

We specialise in sourcing and curating only the highest-quality, artisanal-grade matcha that rivals fine wine with its multitude and sophistication of flavours in a way that invites further exploration and education in the art of making the traditional delicacy.

We invite you to join us as we continue our journey to discover and experience the highest-quality artisanal matcha. To hear about our latest updates, we encourage you to follow us on social media, and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Our Products
We work closely with our trusted matcha sommeliers based in Kyoto, having spent several years formulating a range of artisanal matcha of the finest quality. Each batch of our matcha, which is ground from hand-picked virgin tea buds, undergoes a proprietary 'artisan roasting' process to express the flavour to its fullest potential. Although more difficult and time consuming to carry out, this technique offers incomparable results, as each matcha blend is characterised by its sweet umami flavour profile, unrivalled by other industrially processed matcha on the market. This has earned our matcha exclusive appeal and increasing reputation among our loyal clients worldwide.

Alongside our range of matcha, we proudly present a carefully selected assortment of teaware products curated and designed through collaborative partnerships with fine craftsmen across Japan. Every one of our offerings is individually handmade for its unique character, and each aspect of our suite of products has been carefully designed to balance minimalist aesthetics with contemporary functionality, ensuring an optimal matcha-making experience for the modern lifestyle.

Our Values

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