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KÖLD Cocktails

KÖLD Cocktails

Premium ready-to-serve cocktails made with the finest natural ingredients. No mixing, no mess, no hassle - just freeze and serve!

Our Story

KÖLD cocktails have been specially created to help cocktail-lovers easily enjoy delicious bar-quality cocktails at home.

Each cocktail is expertly mixed to the classic original recipes using only premium spirits and the finest natural ingredients for a truly authentic taste.

To serve, simply freeze each cocktail for at least six hours, then pour straight into your favourite cocktail glass... with no need for any mixing, mess or hassle... you simply 'freeze, squeeze and enjoy!'

Ideal for parties, entertaining, nights in with the girls or guys and of course as a gift for someone special, KÖLD Cocktails are made using only use super-premium ingredients such as triple-distilled grain vodka and oak-barrel aged rum, and are mixed to the same classic recipes used in the capital's high-end cocktail bars.

KÖLD Cocktails are made in the UK and are currently available in three classic, popular varieties: Frozen Mojito, Frozen Cosmopolitan and Frozen Lychee Martini, and have a calorie count ranging from only 167 to 200 calories per cocktail.

Our Values

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