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kahicool Cold Pressed Energy

kahicool Cold Pressed Energy

Introducing a novel, all naturally caffeinated cold pressed energy drink! Powered only by the goodness of cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice, as well as by the finest matcha tea directly from the Kyushu and Kyoto regions in Japan! So give your day a boost - just as nature intended!

Our Story

As friends and colleagues for a long time, we were both on the lookout for a natural source of energy to get us through a long working day. Should we follow the crowds down to the next cafe? Rather not, as Nathaniel had never really liked coffee, while Jochen had just grown bored of what felt like his millionth espresso. We also disliked the idea of energy drinks and sodas with all the synthetic stuff that goes into them.

As passionate health food enthusiasts we instead were looking for something tasty, natural and healthy. Sitting together one day in the sun with a smoothie, we wondered why no one seemed to have come up with the idea of combining cold pressed juices with the power and goodness of natural energy sources. Thus, kahicool and the concept of cold pressed energy were born.

Ever since we created the first naturally caffeinated juice in Nathaniel's kitchen, our vision at kahicool has been to put the healthy and the tasty into your caffeine lift. We source only the best and most natural ingredients, ensuring that every kahicool is a fusion of merely cold pressed juice, some of the finest Japanese matcha as well as natural green tea extract. Pure and simple, just like nature intended.

Our Values

  • Small Producer

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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