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Hyperbolic Nutrition

Hyperbolic Nutrition

We design body smart foods! Our mission is to take the foods you love and enjoy, and make them healthy without sacrificing taste.

Our Story

Our mission is to take the foods you love, and recreate them meat, dairy and sugar free, enriched with natural vitamins, minerals and proteins, infused with amino acids to become part of your everyday food cupboard.

As part of this mission, we created Cacaonut. Cacaonut is an infusion of ingredients including cacao, coconut, turmeric and amino acids, with a comforting chocolaty taste. Used as a hot chocolate, a superfood, Cacaonut is a tasty food product and ingredient, good for you and good for the people who provide our ingredients. We use certified organic ingredients wherever possible.

Our Values

  • Small Producer

  • Independent Company

    Independent Company

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