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Gusto Nero

Gusto Nero

Our pasta is made from 100 per cent organic rice, and absolutely nothing else, making it popular among those with allergies and intolerances.

Our delicious pasta has made the hot lists of many health-influencers, including Sunday Brunch (on Channel 4), Flexitarian UK, Natural Health Magazine and Veggie Magazine and recommended by a Global Award-winning Nutritionist, Barbara Cox.

Our Story

Gusto Nero Ltd. is a pioneer of black jasmine rice pasta business in the UK, owing to its founder's extensive involvement with Thailand's black jasmine rice industry.

Gusto Nero believes in the numerous health benefits of black jasmine rice; its vision is to be a healthy lifestyle brand that can serve the diverse and growing demands of the Health and Wellness industry as a whole.

At Gusto Nero, we know all our paddies, we are friends with our farmers, and thus we can ensure that every grain of rice made into our pasta is wholly organic, 100 per cent pesticide-free and chemical-free.

Our Values

  • All Organic Products

    All Organic Products

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