Dr Gaye

Dr Gaye

The Dr Gaye range of healthy shakes, blends, mixes and snacks offer high-performance foods that deliver bio-available, food-grade nutrients and vitamins which fit into a busy life-style.

Our Story

Dr Morgaine Gaye has been making and drinking her Super-Shake for more than 12 years now and knew it was time to share it with more than just family and friends. It works for the body on so many levels and from a practical perspective is quick, easy, raw, and contains the highest grade nutrition possible. So there really aren't any excuses!

Life is busy. The Super-Shake is something to drink on the go throughout the morning to set you up with all the vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins needed for each day.

After Morgaine started to sell Dr Gaye Super-Shake, she was asked to make other, equally nutritional products: for people who wanted a warm, comforting bowl of goodness, the Super-Porridge was born! People who were travelling frequently wanted a nutrient-dense bag of superfood to add to anything they could find from bottled smoothies to yogurts. Voila! Super-Blend. Finally, Morgaine was asked for something crunchy which could be sprinkled onto just about anything or even eaten straight out of the bag. Finally, Super-Spoonful found its way to the good and the healthy!

Our Values

  • Small Producer

  • Family-run Business

    Family-run Business

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    Support for Small Producers

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    All Organic Products

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    Independent Company

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