"Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a range of teas designed to pair with pastries, desserts and savoury courses - in the same way you'd pair a beautiful wine with each course?"
Francesca Booth, Dandylion Group

Our Story

A range of utterly delicious artisan teas blended for your enjoyment.

Dandylion is rooted in heart, soul and good food. We've harnessed our infectious passion for quality food and drink having developed an incredible range of teas. They are to be enjoyed not only on their own but are also designed to pair with desserts and cheeses; which is a premier in the food and beverage industry.

We believe in the integrity of our ethically sourced ingredients. Our blends are achieved by using pure ingredients.

Using the whole leaf, real fruits, premium herbs, nuts and spices; all with no artificial anything added. We just want people to enjoy an honest cup of tea that is both delicious and decadent. Giving you the feeling of an everyday indulgence without a heavy price.

"As a seasoned tea drinker, I didn't think much could beat a classic builders, but Dandylion opened my eyes to a whole new world of taste! The flavour combinations and ingredients are beautiful."

Mat Riley, Great British Bake Off

Our range includes some one-of-a-kind blends that are simply not available anywhere else.

Everyday Blends. These are great all day and can be drunk and pair well with most things.

Pastry Blends. Which are great in the afternoon as a "pick me up" and pair well with breads and pastries.

Dessert Blends. These teas are beloved of sweet and creamy desserts. Pairing perfectly with profiteroles, baklava and creme brûlée. These teas are also wonderful when you just fancy a little something sweet.

Savoury Blends. An ideal match for savoury courses and cheeses. These blends are also divine with rich cakes and puddings. A great after-dinner tea option for those who don't want the extra caffeine.

Enjoy our range traditionally hot, chilled as an iced tea or even mixed in a cheeky cocktail. It's time to shake up the way you drink tea; we just know you'll love them!

Our Values

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    Contribution to Charity

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    Support for Small Producers

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