Cannon & Cannon

Cannon & Cannon

A passion for British cured meat … and a desire to tell everyone about it.

Our Story

The company was formed in 2010 by Sean Cannon and his brother, Joe. Being proud rural Norfolk boys, they initially set about sourcing fresh, seasonal and distinctive local produce for markets around East Anglia. The discovery of a producer of cured meats inspired them to find out more about the fledgling industry in Britain. It was clear that demand was outpacing supply, and many of the artisans required support in marketing and promoting their produce.

A stall at Borough Market followed as we found more and more people producing stunning cured meats. The Market has proved to be the perfect place to showcase an ever evolving selection of our nation’s best charcuterie.
Joe stepped away from the business in 2014 and Sean joined with new business partners Ed Smith and Jamie Wallace, with the aim to develop the company’s rapidly expanding wholesale operation, an online platform, event catering and Meat School.

We’re lucky to have a brilliant team at Cannon & Cannon. Our crew are bright, chirpy and (importantly) fanatically knowledgeable about the produce they sell. The big hope is that we continue to grow, so as to ensure that more people get to enjoy British cured meats.

Our Meat
We strongly believe that animals should be ethically and sustainably reared. This approach to farming and buying is not only good for the animals whilst they live, but, more selfishly for us, results in a superior eating experience. You get out what you put in.

Britain’s farmers produce amazing meat – this is what makes our new and growing charcuterie industry so exciting.
All of the animals used to produce the meat we sell are free range or wild. Most are rare breed. Where they are not themselves the farmer, all of our producers take pride in sourcing meat from quality, local, ethical and sustainable sources.

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