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Fromagerie Beillevaire

Fromagerie Beillevaire

Family business from West of France, we are Cheeses and dairy products maker, Cheeses Hunter and Cheeses pamperer.

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Our Story

We work with 12 farms surrounding our dairy. We do a hot milk collection twice a day with a selected dispatch and the milk is not mixed (1 farm / one run / for 1 type of production). From this collection we make our own cream and from this cream we make our own butter, unpasteurised, in a wooden churn. From this hot milk collection we make our 10 cheeses, all unique and unpasteurised. And finally, We mature some cheeses in our cave, underneath our dairy. These cheeses are called "bichonné" or “pampered”. The other cheeses from our range, we buy them all directly from artisan and farmhouse producers, everywhere in France.

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