Bold Bean Co

Jars of superlative, versatile beans and pulses, including the creamiest butter beans and queen chickpeas.

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Rounton Coffee Roasters

A variety of coffees for home brewing, roasted in North Yorkshire by independent specialists with a sustainable-forward mindset.

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Happy Inside Drinks

Refreshing, gut-friendly drinks. No bubbles, no bloating, high in fibre and 50% of your daily vitamin C.

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Pink Ludlow gin

A rich and complex pink gin, with floral notes from hibiscus, warmth from pink peppercorns and zesty orange notes to round everything off.

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Mexican tequila tasting set

Discover a variety of unique agaves from Mexico's Jalisco highlands and beyond in this artisan miniatures set.

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Cocktail essentials set

Shake and stir your favourite cocktails at home with the help of this beginners mixologist kit, complete with bartender secrets.

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